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The Rider platform seamlessly integrates with our merchants, enabling easy product pickup, transportation to the warehouse, and swift delivery. We also offer after-hour pickups for next-morning deliveries, ensuring a convenient and efficient experience!

We are here to help solve the working capital problems of SMEs in Pakistan. With this option, the merchant is paid as the Rider picks up the product. We pride ourselves in being a trustworthy partner finding flexible alternatives to traditional payment methods and offering new forms of payment solutions that work for both merchants and buyers.

At Rider, we empower merchants and customers with our user-friendly portal and app, providing real-time information and instant support. As Pakistan's sole logistics company with an end-consumer app, we take pride in our innovation.

At Rider, we understand the importance not only of speed, but also of agility and flexibility. We offer different timings based on your company and buyers’ needs and budgets. Just another way we’re putting the power back in the merchants’ and customers’ hands!

A popular feature on both our merchant portal and customer app, our live tracking offers you and your customers full transparency every step of the way. We are proud to be the only logistics company in Pakistan offering this level of tracking on both ends, and aim to ensure that your parcels reach your customers where and when they need them!

We prioritise both safety and convenience at Rider. Catering to the needs of Pakistan, we offer safe collection of cash, en-route deposits, and instant or 24 hour cash reconciliation for our merchants.

Our helpful, friendly and bilingual merchant and customer support teams are always ready to help you and your customers!

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Our flexible approach means that we are here to help those wanting to transport goods of varying sizes - from a few boxes within a truck to a fully rented truck for large volumes - in a cost effective and fuel efficient manner.

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